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Alexandra Von Furstenberg's Ice Table raises money in support of the Elton John Aids Foundation.{+}

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Alexandra Von Furstenberg debuted the Accent collection of home accessories at the New York International Gift Fair, NYIGF, last week to great success!{+}

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Last week, Alexandra went to the campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to meet with the Visual Communications students who worked on a David Hick's inspired window display and chose to use an Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic table.{+}

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Alexandra Von Furstenberg "goes into the blue" in Tahiti and lives within a world of calm and beautiful blues that inspired her selection of the newest color introduced to her collection of acrylic furniture and home accessories.{+}

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Alexandra Von Furstenberg loves to support the Arts, and this often means supporting students who are studying a field that will take them into a visually artistic field. Recently, Alexandra loaned one of her acrylic tables to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's students who were working on a window display project.{+}

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Because she spent a lot of her childhood in Hong Kong, it's become one of the many places that Alexandra has referred to as home. So, her love for contemporary architecture was certainly stimulated by the uber modern skyline of Central, Hong Kong, as well as the beautiful view of futuristic Shanghai. Here's a little bit about two of Alexandra's favorite skylines in Asia.{+}

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AVF LOVES NEON, and at smaller music venues like the Music Box in Hollywood, all the way up to the big stages like Nokia Theater at LA Live, we are seeing more and more audiences treated to mesmerizing and fantastic neon light shows during musical events. Here are some that we were lucky enough to see recently.{+}

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Diamonds are forever an inspiration to Alexandra's Acrylic Furniture Designs. Read about how Alexandra discovered the diamond in the rough that became a major influence for her designs of her Contemporary Acrylic Furniture{+}

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Being a very visual person by nature and always acutely aware of images around her, Alexandra's inspiration for colors can sometimes come unexpectedly like they did on a trip to the island of Kauai with the explosion of colors in the sunsets. She captured them on film, and you can see how it has influenced her choice in colors when designing her collection of Modern Acrylic Furniture.{+}