• Racketeer Acrylic Dining Table



    When Alexandra designed the exquisite Racketeer Acrylic Dining Table, she was inspired by "nuts and bolts" as evidenced by the hexagonal shape.  Not only is it a 6-seat acrylic dining table, but it can also be converted to a luxurious poker/card table by changing out the mirrored glass tabletop insert for the optional felt-covered top that is stored underneath the mirror.  The table would also be beautiful to use in your foyer to display a beautiful floral arrangement or sculpture.  The legs are detachable by unscrewing the mirror capped screws to make moving and transporting the table much easier.


    In the Media

    When C Magazine ran the story, "Keeping Score" about games and bringing "chic" into your game room, they featured the Racketeer Acrylic Dining/ Poker Table. 

    Custom Orders & Return Policy

    To fit your needs, the sizing of this product can be adjusted for your own personal space. If you love the shape but need it longer, wider or in a different color, let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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    Racketeer Acrylic Dining TableRacketeer Acrylic Dining Table

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