• Luminous Acrylic Desk Amethyst



    The Luminous Acrylic Desk will make a statement in any office.  Just like its name implies, this desk illuminates and lights up any room with its neon accents.  The inspiration for the Luminous Acrylic Desk came from Alexandra's passion and love of automobiles, and you can see that she was inspired by the grill of a car that she translated into this beautiful modern desk. The Luminous Acrylic Desk could also double as a fun, beautiful vanity table.  

    The Luminous Acrylic Desk in the Media

    The Luminous Acrylic Desk has been featured in many publications including Interior Design Magazine and on Design Boom's website.

    Customizing a Luminous Acrylic Desk for Your Home

    If you need a Luminous Acrylic Desk in a different size, we can do that for you.  Other options available for customization include changing the color.  We can make this desk in all Opaque Black, Opaque White, or other more translucent colors like Smoke or Bronze.  

    Specs: 30"x60"x30"

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