• AVF Acrylic Tray Liners

    Valet (X-Small):  10.5"w x 6" d x 1"h:           $25 for set of 3

    Soulmate (Small):  14.5"w x 12.5"d x 1.5"h:  $40 for set of 3

    Cocktail (Medium):  17"w x 15"d x 1.625"h:  $45 for set of 3

    Soiree (Large):  21"w x 18"d x 1.75"h:            $50 for set of 3

    Now you can protect the inside surface of your tray with our new clear liners that practically disappear once placed inside. Simply slide a liner inside of your tray to protect the surface from scratches, scrapes and scuffs.   Then, replace the liner when needed.  These liners are the best way to keep your tray from losing it's luster, and easing your worries of scratching when using them.

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    8oz Cleaning Kit (USA only) $488oz Cleaning Kit (USA only)

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