In the photo above that Alexandra captured in Kauai, is a showy display of one of Mother Nature's most fiery examples of a sunset in reds, pinks and yellows.  It's quite amazing to think of all the colors that can be shown off in nature, and this is just one example.  A palette of colors like this one, is a great way to show how color influences Alexandra's designs and color combinations.  (In this photo clockwise from the top are the Radiant Cocktail Table in Pink, the AVF Charm Candy Bowls in Red, Pink and Yellow, the Brilliant Console Table in red, and a close up of the Ice Acrylic Table in yellow.)

How Color Can Influence Modern Furniture and Contemporary Decor


Alexandra took another sunset photo while on her Kauai trip, and this this one is of a golden yellow sun setting into the ocean. This is another example of how an image like this can influence color choices that can translate into someone's home.  (In the photo above, clockwise from the top are the Sledge Cocktail Table in Black/Bronze, the Yellow Luminous Acrylic Desk, Yellow Trillion Side Tables, close up of the leg of the Sledge Cocktail Table, and the Bronze, Clear, and Yellow AVF Charm Candy Bowls.)


On a weekend trip to the beautiful Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, Alexandra fell in love with the magnificent swimming pool.  Here, the colors and black geometric lines of the pool, contrasted against the stark whites in the architecture and sky, is an example of a color palette that can easily translate into a modern home and can influence selecting shapes as well as seen in the corner of the Bullet Table, the base frame of the white Revolver Table, and the clean lines created by the black Gangster console. (In the picture above, clockwise from the top is the On the Rocks Cube End Table in Blue, Bullet Acrylic Cocktail Table in Clear, Revolver Acrylic Table in White/Clear, Gangster Console Table in Black, and the AVF Charm Bowls in Bronze, Clear and Blue.