The Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF) was created back in 1992, by Sir Elton John himself.  The foundation raises money to support innovative HIV prevention programs as well as to combat the negative stigma and discrimiation so often associated with people living with HIV/AIDS.  Since its inception the foundation has risen over 220 million dollars supporting projects around the world.

 For the past 19 years, to raise money for this noble cause, EJAF has held their Acadamy Awards Viewing Party here in West Hollywood, California.  At the party, items are donated by various designers, where they are auctioned off to raise money for the foundation.  This year, to show her support of EJAF, Alexandra Von Furstenberg donated one of the prized gems of the AVF Limited Edition Collection, "The ICE Table" which we are proud to say raised $35,000.00 during the live auction.


Thank you to the Elton John Aids Foundation for allowing Alexandra Von Furstenberg, LLC to participate in this year's event.  We were honored to be a small part of Sir Elton John's big dream.  


Alexandra Von Furstenberg standing in front of her table design, Ice, wearing DVF at the Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party, 2011.  Photo courtesy of WIREIMAGE.