One of my more obvious influences is shown in the chevron fascia of the Luminous Acrylic Desk where you can see how I interpreted the front grill of a car. 

Modern Transportation Inspiring Modern Acrylic Furniture

My love of exotic cars and sleek boats have always inspired me when I design my acrylic tables and have given me a modern perspective of how I want my contemporary furniture to look.  Using Acrylic, is a clear choice to use in order to interpret these two inspirations into my furniture.  The polished, glossy, and slippery feel of a flawless paint job on a sexy sports car, is similar to the feel that acrylic possesses when polished and buffed to it's maximum shine.  Acrylic is also a natural choice when creating the clear, sharp, yet smooth lines, edges, and definition that you see in the angles of futuristic cars designed to cut through the resistance of the air.  

Other Examples of How Modern Transporation Influences AVF Modern Furniture


The point at which the bow slices through the sea has been something that exudes sleekness and is almost hypnotic to me.  In designing the Racketeer Acrylic Dining Table, this hypnotic image is one of the influences in my mind when I created it's shape:

The dark reflective windshield, angular lines and sexy shape of the Lamborghini served as an inspiration for for the Axle Acrylic Desk as show here done in the Smoke Grey Acrylic/Black Mirror Inset color combo.