As a child and into adulthood, Alexandra saw the skyline of the Central province in Hong Kong change throughout the years.  Growing higher and higher into the sky, it's become one of the most famous skylines in the world.  Sitting across the bay in Tsim Sha Tsui, one can view this expansive and beautiful skyline. When lit up at night, the view of Central, is spectacular with the glistening lights and neon accents, as see in the photo above.

Above is another picture of Central, Hong Kong but taken within the city.  The showy neon lights are impossible to not appreciate and admire. 

Below are three different pictures of one of Alexandra's favorite buidlings.  It's the Bank of China Building.  With it's triangular grid and faceted shapes its obvious as to why Alexandra loves this building.

From high up on the Hong Kong island, above Central, is a place referred to simply as "The Peak",  but formally known as Victoria's Peak.  It's one of Hong Kong's most famous landmarks and provides one of the most stunning views of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor.  It's a picturesque tram ride up, and it always feels like your in a scene from a Batman movie as you glide slowly above all the skyscrapers.  Below is a night view from the Peak.


Another one of the most famous and beautiful skylines in the world is also part of China.  Shanghai is one of the fastest growing cities.  Constantly buliding and developing, it uses the most amount of construction cranes in the world.   Almost a quarter of all the construction cranes in the world are being used in this city of 15 million people.  Despite the fact that it's one of the leaders in the race towards modernization, Shanghai still has many remnants of it's colonial past.  No where is this more evident and beautiful than an area along the Huangpu river referred to as the Bund, which was originally a British settlement.

Below is a picture of the Bund and it's 52 Colonial buildings of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Neo-Classical, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco architecture.  Most would be surprised to learn that in the city of Shanghai exsists one of the most beautiful and extensive collections of Art Deco buildings.

Directly across the Huangpu River, is the province of Pudong, Shanghai.  Nowhere else is the dichotomy of modern versus old more distinct and breathtaking at the same time.  From the colonial part of the city known as the Bund, one can view one of the most modern skylines in the world right across the river.  The Pudong skyline is truly magnificent, with the space age Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, (the third tallest in the world), to the Jing Mao Tower which houses the world's second highest hotel, the Grand Hyatt.  The Grand Hyatt's altitude, is only topped by the Park Hyatt which coincidentally, is right around the corner and located in the third tallest skyscraper in the world, the Shanghai World Finance Center building.  

Below is a picture of the Pudong Skyline in Shanghai at night, taken while standing on the side of the river known as the Bund.

To the left is a picture of the two buildings that house both Hyatt  Hotels, (on the right) the Jing Mao Tower, and the taller one, the Shanghai World Finance Center Building.  An interesting fact about the World Finance Tower is that the opening in the top of the building is not just a design element and the highest open outdoor area in the world, but it's design also helps reduce the wind resistance at the top of the buliding making it more stable.