The assignment for FIDM Visual Communication students, Jolene Pietsch, Stephanie Echegara, Sophie Harris, and Kayleigh Fawcett, was to create a window display with the vibe and style of designer David Hicks.


They chose to use AVF's M-16 Acrylic End Table to exemplify that feeling of retro modern. Alexandra was excited to be a small part of this because David is one of her personal favorite interior designers.  He is world renowned, highly published and his designs have become iconic of the classic, sophisticated and modern 1970's chic interiors that are making a huge comeback today.  With graphic and geometric wallpapers and sharp clean lines, David had the foresight and ability to blend those modern elements masterfully within an antique Baroque or Neo Classical styled setting.  This style is without doubt, one that has inspired many current Interior Designers who's work gravitate towards the "Hollywood Regency" aesthetic which is so popular today.


The final project that the FIDM students accomplished, under the supervision of instructor and industry professional, Ken Donham, is currently on display throughout the month of July at the FIDM Downtown Los Angeles Campus.  AVF was proud to be a part of this, and so pleased with the results of their project.  Their vision of a young Manhattan couple, having a cocktail at home before heading out to Studio 54 for a night of dancing in their fabulous outfits was captured perfectly.  

Thank you to FIDM and all the students who worked so hard on this project.  We look forward to a continued relationship with your faculty and students.