Monday, March 07, 2011

Oscars On Ice


Alexandra Von Furstenberg's Ice Table raises money in support of the Elton John Aids Foundation.

The Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF) was created back in 1992, by Sir Elton John himself.  The foundation raises money to support innovative HIV prevention programs as well as to combat the negative stigma and discrimiation so often associated with people living with HIV/AIDS.  Since its inception the foundation has risen over 220 million dollars supporting projects around the world.

 For the past 19 years, to raise money for this noble cause, EJAF has held their Acadamy Awards Viewing Party here in West Hollywood, California.  At the party, items are donated by various designers, where they are auctioned off to raise money for the foundation.  This year, to show her support of EJAF, Alexandra Von Furstenberg donated one of the prized gems of the AVF Limited Edition Collection, "The ICE Table" which we are proud to say raised $35,000.00 during the live auction.


Thank you to the Elton John Aids Foundation for allowing Alexandra Von Furstenberg, LLC to participate in this year's event.  We were honored to be a small part of Sir Elton John's big dream.  


Alexandra Von Furstenberg standing in front of her table design, Ice, wearing DVF at the Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party, 2011.  Photo courtesy of WIREIMAGE.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New York International Gift Fair Debut


With the success of the Fearless Trays and Charm Candy Bowls, Alexandra has expanded her Accessory collection to 5 tabletop items.  With the addition of the Treasure Boxes, Grafitti Coasters, and Bloomin Vases, the Accent Collection of tabletop acrylic accessories is now a true collection.  And with the debut of Accent, to the Voltage and Fearless lines of acrylic furniture, "AVF" has never been so complete.  Like Voltage and Fearless, Accent will be forever growing and evolving.  The possiblities are endless and soon there will be new and exciting items added to the collection. 

The NYIGF show is held twice a year in New York City's Jakob Javits Center and is one of the most well known and largest shows of it's kind.  We went to the show, not knowing exactly what to expect, but the next thing we knew we were taking orders and handing out countless linesheets and information about the collection to prospective buyers, designers, and the media.   While at the show, we were even covered by who reviewed the show and included AVF in the top 100 booths to see!

One of our displays.  Featuring the Charm Candy Bowls being used to float flowers in, the Fearless Trays in the Viceroy Color Combo, and the Graffiti Coasters.

The Fearless Trays in the Americana Color Combo, Graffiti Coasters and our new item, the Bloomin Vases.  Availabe soon!

We opened new accounts in places like New York, Toronto, Connecticut, New Jersey, Miami, Dallas, and many more.  We will start listing our retailers on our website in the contact section, so check back soon to find a store near you!

Everyone loved how the trays and bowls were stackable--especially in our beautiful colors.  Here you can see the Fearless Acrylic Trays, Charm Bowls, and the NEW TREASURE BOXES, that will also be available soon.

Our crowded booth at the NYIGF Show!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010


Last week, Alexandra went to the campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to meet with the Visual Communications students who worked on a David Hick's inspired window display and chose to use an Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic table.



Having once been a student of Fashion and Costume Design at Brown University and Parsons, Alexandra's visit to the beautiful Los Angeles Campus of FIDM was both reminiscent and inspiring for her.  The Visual Communications students, under the tutelage of instructor, Ken Donham, created a David Hicks inspired window display using one of Alexandra's own designs, the M-16 Cube End Table.  Alexandra met with the students who worked on the project in front of the actual window on the campus, and discussed with them, her own inspirations as well some of her experiences in the world of fashion and design.

The assignment for FIDM Visual Communication students (above), Jolene Pietsch, Stephanie Echegara, Sophie Harris, and Kayleigh Fawcett, was to create a window display with the vibe and style of designer David Hicks.

After the Q&A, Alexandra received a full tour of the Los Angeles Campus and was impressed with both the student's work as well as the beauty of the campus.  After the tour, she said, "I'd love to go to school here if I were a young student.  What a fabulous campus!"



Instructor Ken Dohham. Department Chair Lyn Tobman and Cynthia Patino (not pictured), show Alexandra examples of window display projects that students have worked on in minature form.  Coincidentally, Alexandra also works in miniature form before going to full scale.  Below are pictures of the miniature versions of the Radiant Cocktail Acrylic Table and Brilliant Console Acrylic Table.


Alexandra takes a final picture with the students in front of the window display that they created for a final assignment.  Yes, they all got "A's".  Congratulations and thank you to the students and faculty at FIDM. 



Alexandra Von Furstenberg values the schools that train the designers of tomorrow and we look forward to working with FiDM in the years to come in hopes of being a small part of that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Into The Blue

Alexandra Von Furstenberg "goes into the blue" in Tahiti and lives within a world of calm and beautiful blues that inspired her selection of the newest color introduced to her collection of acrylic furniture and home accessories.



The newest color introduced to the Alexandra Von Furstenberg collection of acryilc furniture is a beautiful calming blue.  Drawing color inspiration from the sky and the ocean, Alexandra found the perfect shade of blue acrylic to perfectly represent the blues tha t we've all grown to love and be drawn to.


On her recent trip to Bora  Bora, Tahiti, Alexandra was able to live in a world surrounded by these gorgeous, clear, and sparkling blues and turquoises.


"In Tahiti, you can't help but get entranced by it's natural beauty of COLOR.  This is the rainbow I woke up to that reminded me of the rainbow of colors that are in my new acrylic coasters".  To see more about the tables in blue, click here to view the Fearless Collection.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Alexandra Von Furstenberg loves to support the Arts, and this often means supporting students who are studying a field that will take them into a visually artistic field. Recently, Alexandra loaned one of her acrylic tables to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's students who were working on a window display project.

The assignment for FIDM Visual Communication students, Jolene Pietsch, Stephanie Echegara, Sophie Harris, and Kayleigh Fawcett, was to create a window display with the vibe and style of designer David Hicks.


They chose to use AVF's M-16 Acrylic End Table to exemplify that feeling of retro modern. Alexandra was excited to be a small part of this because David is one of her personal favorite interior designers.  He is world renowned, highly published and his designs have become iconic of the classic, sophisticated and modern 1970's chic interiors that are making a huge comeback today.  With graphic and geometric wallpapers and sharp clean lines, David had the foresight and ability to blend those modern elements masterfully within an antique Baroque or Neo Classical styled setting.  This style is without doubt, one that has inspired many current Interior Designers who's work gravitate towards the "Hollywood Regency" aesthetic which is so popular today.


The final project that the FIDM students accomplished, under the supervision of instructor and industry professional, Ken Donham, is currently on display throughout the month of July at the FIDM Downtown Los Angeles Campus.  AVF was proud to be a part of this, and so pleased with the results of their project.  Their vision of a young Manhattan couple, having a cocktail at home before heading out to Studio 54 for a night of dancing in their fabulous outfits was captured perfectly.  

Thank you to FIDM and all the students who worked so hard on this project.  We look forward to a continued relationship with your faculty and students.

Friday, June 04, 2010

From Central HK to Shang-Hi in the Sky

Because she spent a lot of her childhood in Hong Kong, it's become one of the many places that Alexandra has referred to as home. So, her love for contemporary architecture was certainly stimulated by the uber modern skyline of Central, Hong Kong, as well as the beautiful view of futuristic Shanghai. Here's a little bit about two of Alexandra's favorite skylines in Asia.

As a child and into adulthood, Alexandra saw the skyline of the Central province in Hong Kong change throughout the years.  Growing higher and higher into the sky, it's become one of the most famous skylines in the world.  Sitting across the bay in Tsim Sha Tsui, one can view this expansive and beautiful skyline. When lit up at night, the view of Central, is spectacular with the glistening lights and neon accents, as see in the photo above.

Above is another picture of Central, Hong Kong but taken within the city.  The showy neon lights are impossible to not appreciate and admire. 

Below are three different pictures of one of Alexandra's favorite buidlings.  It's the Bank of China Building.  With it's triangular grid and faceted shapes its obvious as to why Alexandra loves this building.

From high up on the Hong Kong island, above Central, is a place referred to simply as "The Peak",  but formally known as Victoria's Peak.  It's one of Hong Kong's most famous landmarks and provides one of the most stunning views of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor.  It's a picturesque tram ride up, and it always feels like your in a scene from a Batman movie as you glide slowly above all the skyscrapers.  Below is a night view from the Peak.


Another one of the most famous and beautiful skylines in the world is also part of China.  Shanghai is one of the fastest growing cities.  Constantly buliding and developing, it uses the most amount of construction cranes in the world.   Almost a quarter of all the construction cranes in the world are being used in this city of 15 million people.  Despite the fact that it's one of the leaders in the race towards modernization, Shanghai still has many remnants of it's colonial past.  No where is this more evident and beautiful than an area along the Huangpu river referred to as the Bund, which was originally a British settlement.

Below is a picture of the Bund and it's 52 Colonial buildings of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Neo-Classical, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco architecture.  Most would be surprised to learn that in the city of Shanghai exsists one of the most beautiful and extensive collections of Art Deco buildings.

Directly across the Huangpu River, is the province of Pudong, Shanghai.  Nowhere else is the dichotomy of modern versus old more distinct and breathtaking at the same time.  From the colonial part of the city known as the Bund, one can view one of the most modern skylines in the world right across the river.  The Pudong skyline is truly magnificent, with the space age Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, (the third tallest in the world), to the Jing Mao Tower which houses the world's second highest hotel, the Grand Hyatt.  The Grand Hyatt's altitude, is only topped by the Park Hyatt which coincidentally, is right around the corner and located in the third tallest skyscraper in the world, the Shanghai World Finance Center building.  

Below is a picture of the Pudong Skyline in Shanghai at night, taken while standing on the side of the river known as the Bund.

To the left is a picture of the two buildings that house both Hyatt  Hotels, (on the right) the Jing Mao Tower, and the taller one, the Shanghai World Finance Center Building.  An interesting fact about the World Finance Tower is that the opening in the top of the building is not just a design element and the highest open outdoor area in the world, but it's design also helps reduce the wind resistance at the top of the buliding making it more stable.

Friday, May 28, 2010


AVF LOVES NEON, and at smaller music venues like the Music Box in Hollywood, all the way up to the big stages like Nokia Theater at LA Live, we are seeing more and more audiences treated to mesmerizing and fantastic neon light shows during musical events. Here are some that we were lucky enough to see recently.

At a couple of recent outings to concerts in Los Angeles, we were lucky enough to see neon light shows during the concerts.  At the Massive Attack concert at the beautiful Art Deco Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, a captivating neon light show moved and played along with the band's haunting music in the background.  In the photo above is one of the images captured at the concert.

The two photos below were taken at the Groove Armada Concert held at the Historical Music Box (aka Henry Fonda Theater) in Hollywood, CA.  The laser lights danced to the beat of the music and at times created a canopy of criss crossed beams above our heads.  It was spectacular!  Similar light shows have also been seen at other musical events like American Idol held at the Nokia Theater LA Live.



If you love Neon, you will love our Fearless Collection of Acrylic Tables and AVF Acrylic Accessories.   Both collections are accented with neon, and reflect the vibrant colors throughout the gem like facets cut with precision into the crystal clear acrylic.

Below are Alexandra Von Furstenberg Radiant Cocktail Tables in all of our neon colors.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just like a Diamond, Acrylic also comes in a raw form as well that is almost unrecognizable.  Unpolished and dull, one can almost mistake a raw piece of acrylic for a scrap of undesirable plastic.  But when faceted, buffed, and shined the attributes of acrylic take on the same as that of a well cut and polished diamond.  In the photo below are examples of what a raw diamond and raw piece of acrylic look like before and after this skilled process is completed.  It's no wonder that when inspired by diamonds, that Alexandra chose Acrylic as her choice of material to design her Contemporary Acrylic Furniture collection.


Using the Matrix that a gemologist use, Alexandra had her tables drafted and designed.


In the picture above is a direct example of how the Emerald Cut Diamond directly influenced Alexandra's design.  That, combined with the shape of the goldbar, gave Alexandra the inpsiration to design one of her most exclusive and photographed tables, the Bullet Acrylic Cocktail Table.


The Trillion Acrylic Side Tables are another example of how the shape and cut of a diamond dicrectly influenced the shape of Alexandra's design.  Here the 3 Sided Trilion side tables show an example of how the trillion faceted cut diamond gave inspiration for the shape of these exquisite acrylic end tables.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Picture Palettes

Being a very visual person by nature and always acutely aware of images around her, Alexandra's inspiration for colors can sometimes come unexpectedly like they did on a trip to the island of Kauai with the explosion of colors in the sunsets. She captured them on film, and you can see how it has influenced her choice in colors when designing her collection of Modern Acrylic Furniture.

In the photo above that Alexandra captured in Kauai, is a showy display of one of Mother Nature's most fiery examples of a sunset in reds, pinks and yellows.  It's quite amazing to think of all the colors that can be shown off in nature, and this is just one example.  A palette of colors like this one, is a great way to show how color influences Alexandra's designs and color combinations.  (In this photo clockwise from the top are the Radiant Cocktail Table in Pink, the AVF Charm Candy Bowls in Red, Pink and Yellow, the Brilliant Console Table in red, and a close up of the Ice Acrylic Table in yellow.)

How Color Can Influence Modern Furniture and Contemporary Decor


Alexandra took another sunset photo while on her Kauai trip, and this this one is of a golden yellow sun setting into the ocean. This is another example of how an image like this can influence color choices that can translate into someone's home.  (In the photo above, clockwise from the top are the Sledge Cocktail Table in Black/Bronze, the Yellow Luminous Acrylic Desk, Yellow Trillion Side Tables, close up of the leg of the Sledge Cocktail Table, and the Bronze, Clear, and Yellow AVF Charm Candy Bowls.)


On a weekend trip to the beautiful Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, Alexandra fell in love with the magnificent swimming pool.  Here, the colors and black geometric lines of the pool, contrasted against the stark whites in the architecture and sky, is an example of a color palette that can easily translate into a modern home and can influence selecting shapes as well as seen in the corner of the Bullet Table, the base frame of the white Revolver Table, and the clean lines created by the black Gangster console. (In the picture above, clockwise from the top is the On the Rocks Cube End Table in Blue, Bullet Acrylic Cocktail Table in Clear, Revolver Acrylic Table in White/Clear, Gangster Console Table in Black, and the AVF Charm Bowls in Bronze, Clear and Blue.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Alexandra discusses how her modern aesthetics have long been inspired by the glossy finish and sharp lines of sexy automobiles and boats when designing her line of Contemporary Acrylic Furniture.

One of my more obvious influences is shown in the chevron fascia of the Luminous Acrylic Desk where you can see how I interpreted the front grill of a car. 

Modern Transportation Inspiring Modern Acrylic Furniture

My love of exotic cars and sleek boats have always inspired me when I design my acrylic tables and have given me a modern perspective of how I want my contemporary furniture to look.  Using Acrylic, is a clear choice to use in order to interpret these two inspirations into my furniture.  The polished, glossy, and slippery feel of a flawless paint job on a sexy sports car, is similar to the feel that acrylic possesses when polished and buffed to it's maximum shine.  Acrylic is also a natural choice when creating the clear, sharp, yet smooth lines, edges, and definition that you see in the angles of futuristic cars designed to cut through the resistance of the air.  

Other Examples of How Modern Transporation Influences AVF Modern Furniture


The point at which the bow slices through the sea has been something that exudes sleekness and is almost hypnotic to me.  In designing the Racketeer Acrylic Dining Table, this hypnotic image is one of the influences in my mind when I created it's shape:

The dark reflective windshield, angular lines and sexy shape of the Lamborghini served as an inspiration for for the Axle Acrylic Desk as show here done in the Smoke Grey Acrylic/Black Mirror Inset color combo.

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